Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DRAMA on Aisle 17

Wind and dust barreled my car from the side, as I struggled to keep a controlled and calm demeanor. Suddenly a gush of rain, thunder and lightning ensued on the 101 loop. As I pulled off Northern Avenue I turned and quickly found a spot close to the front door of the store. I entered Michaels, my 50% off coupon in hand on a mission. Zip Dry. Aisle 17 nestled comfortably between Aileens and Tombo. I turned the corner as my wet sneaker made an entirely embarrasing squeak on the floor. I reached out and NO!!! Not there. It wasn't there. I quickly scanned the surrounding adhesives for the blue and yellow label, sure that they've re-located my trusty friend. I zoom in on the UPC code... yup Zip Dry. I walk away from the aisle defeated. I drag my feet to the normal scrapbook adhesive section and make my hand select a 2nd rate adhesive, likely to break on me I think. As I start to head to the checkout stand a disgruntled employee, likely to be clocking out, robotically asks me if I am finding everything ok. If you know me, you know I am too polite and always sheepishly say yes. So to my suprise as well, a loud "NO" with an attitude came flying out. I declared "I can't find Zip Dry," she says "What's that?" How dare she not know Zip Dry, everyone knows who Zip Dry is! I take her to the empty and lonely steel post with the UPC attached and she scans it with her trusty gun, I am feeling hopeful. I went to church on Sunday, so surely God has my best interest at heart, right? FAIL. I turn away from her without even a thank you and 0rush up to the checkout buy my generic steerage class brand and exit the building. I am impaled by a downpoor of rain. Hmm... CHANGE sucks, but maybe someone was trying to teach me a lesson.
Lesson: deal with change, be flexible and say thank you. Your'e take away msg: Zip Dry is awesome just don't be buying my Zip Dry at the Northern Michaels or Deer Valley for that matter!


Holly Moore said...

Oh wow, so well written. I already heard this story, and I am still sitting here giggling. I swear I did not take the last Zip Dry at "Your" store. I do agree, it is worth braving the downpour to get though!

Kat Perez said...

dude, i need to break in to your blog to edit. but, great start to your blog! im sure you will find yourself becoming better at it the longer you go!!

oh, and you're a dork. what the hell is ZIP DRY?!